Creating a Collage

When teaching art to young children, I try to let them be as spontaneous and free in their creating as possible. As often as I plan projects that have some type of guidelines they must follow, I try to also balance it with free creative projects, such as collage, clay, or papier-mâché. The main objective is that the children get to freely explore the materials while developing their fine motor skills.

I want them to understand that creating is experimenting, and in their experimentation they should feel safe and comfortable. There is never a right or wrong in the art they make, and the finished product can never be labeled good or bad. This is an opportunity for them to try combining different colors, textures, and materials together to see what new creations they come up with!

Also, for English learners, it’s a wonderful opportunity to provoke the imagination and use new words to describe what they made, or for them to search their vocabularies for different words than they would normally use.








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