Colorful Life

In this workshop, the children worked together on a group painting. They first were asked to create the night sky, and then to decorate it with fireworks. We used different types of brushes to sprinkle paint, and used straws to blow the paint onto the paper to create an “exploding” effect. The goal of this project was working together in a shared space and following multi-step directions.

Afterwards, we looked through an assorted pile of nature items from the park, and discussed how each material could be used in a painting. Some of the children chose to paint the materials, while some chose to paint with them. They especially liked the small branches with the Spring buds, and the “spiky cones” as they called them.

Both of these projects were about experimenting with materials in new ways, and seeing new purposes for familiar objects, such as straws and sponges. The children enjoyed how much paint they were allowed to work with, as getting your hands really messy and wet is a sensory experience. One child mixed glitter in the paint and rubbed it on the paper and leaves and asked everyone to come feel the texture he had created. Another child had smelled the leaves, and wanted to discuss how their scent changed once painted. Another child, when finished painting with the pine cone, asked if he could teach the other children how to use it the way he had. They may have left covered in color, but it was a very creative day together!


















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