Guiding One Another

The most important focus in creating art is that the child is always enjoying themself. If they feel good and are happy during the process, their confidence is being boosted, both creativity and emotionally. Children learn to experiment in art and take risks in order to discover an outcome, and this is a skill that will benefit them in all aspects of learning. Through art they also learn that mistakes accepted, incorporated and are part of every process. Every great thinker, inventor and artist must be open to making mistakes in the process of creating.

I wanted to focus on making art with the loss of one of our senses. We began with giving up our eye sight, so as to understand how much we really rely on vision, and what we are capable of once we don’t have it. The children worked on a group mural and took turns guiding one another as their friends wore the blindfold. Every child had to accept that they wouldn’t be able to make the picture they imagined in their mind, and that this would be about experimenting, exploring, making mistakes and laughing at how silly we felt during the process. It was about giving up control and letting others help us.


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