Bee Happy

Recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to spread positivity in a world that seems to be ever effected by corrupted politics, violence, discrimination and the loss of freedoms. I don’t believe that the world is overwhelmingly bad, or that people are inherently bad. I believe that we are all born with hearts full of love, but that showing the way we love ourselves and others is something we must practice. I wanted to create a project in which I could teach children about loving others and openly expressing it.

For Bee Happy, I explained to the children that bees and nature are in a co-dependent relationship, where one depends on the other to exist.  Bees pollinate, flowers grow. Flowers produce pollen, bees continue to thrive and survive. But are humans not the same? Don’t we also rely on certain things to grow and thrive, and are those things really power, status, money or material items?

I started to think about the most important things in life that help us to grow into healthy and happy adults. More than anything that can be bought or obtained, we need love. If we were bees, love would be our pollen. As people we cannot grow on our own, as hard as we try. We need others, and we need help in all stages of life.

I asked the children to each make three bumblebees. One was to give to a member or members of their family, one was to give to a friend, and one was to stay in the classroom, as a reminder that we are all part of one hive. We are all working together. As they presented each bee to their desired recipient, they had to give a reason why they loved that person. Their answers ranged from telling friends that they loved playing together, to telling their dads, “I love you because as soon as you get home, you give me the biggest hugs.” Some of them gave me their bees and said, “It’s for you because you love me so much.” Seeing each child recognize the different reasons why they love the people in their life, and seeing them get excited to share these reasons, made me truly realize that the world will always remain a kind and loving place as long as we keep showing the next generation how to embody these traits. It is up to us to create a better tomorrow.


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