Art in the Park

For this activity we took a trip to a local park in Istanbul and spent the first half the lesson exploring, observing and collecting. We found different and new plants we hadn’t seen before, we discussed smells, sounds and textures, and we searched for the perfect spot to create in. Once the kids were all ready to draw, I gave them each a huge sheet of paper, bowls of oil pastels and bottles of spray paint. The pictures they made were related to the experiences they had at the park, which varied from the things they saw and found, to how they felt and what they did. Their favorite part was definitely running around with the bottle of paint and challenging one another to see who could squirt the paint from the farthest away and still hit the paper. It was a beautiful afternoon to spend outside with such a creative group of children.


IMG_3810aqIMG_3808 2IMG_3833IMG_3830IMG_3835IMG_3838IMG_3842IMG_3844IMG_3864IMG_3866IMG_3868IMG_4044IMG_4053IMG_4045IMG_4054



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