Galaxy Ice

This activity was especially focused on sensory play. It was a two-day activity as the first day was dedicated to preparation and the second day to painting creations. Mixing glue, glitter, water and paint, the children made their own color liquids which they poured into ice trays. We let them freeze overnight, and the next day we popped the cubes from the trays and rubbed them around on paper, making very wet and sparkly paintings. The children loved pushing the ice around and watching the paint hues change as more ice melted.

Sensory art is great for children because not only does it engage most of the senses, but it also is open-ended. There is no right or wrong way to paint with ice, and the children can feel more free in their exploration of the process, rather than focused on the finished product. In this way, children can build their self-esteem, as they are free to make anything they would like, any way they would like.IMG_8112


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