Growing Artists


Since childhood, art has always been a part of my life. Hours were spent outdoors creating masterpieces from anything I could find in the garden or park in collaboration with my own art materials. I loved collecting sticks and covering them with paint and yarn or taking a canvas with me in the backyard and finger painting with berry juice and flower petals.

As I became an adult, I found that the best way to keep these interests in my life were to share them through teaching children. I have taught art in four different countries and have worked as a primary and kindergarten teacher for six years. In every program or lesson that I plan, I look for ways to introduce children to the topic through the most creative process.

When I teach art, the most important focus is that the children are always enjoying themselves. If they feel happy during the process, their confidence is being boosted, both creativity and emotionally. They learn to create for the sake of creating, not for the outcome of a finished product that can be labeled “good/bad” or “right/wrong.” Children learn to experiment in art and take risks in order to discover an outcome, and this is a skill that will benefit them in all aspects of learning. Through art they also learn that mistakes accepted, incorporated and are part of every process. Every great thinker, inventor and artist must be open to making mistakes in the process of creating.

I believe that art is a powerful tool which can be used to teach children of any language or culture, love, respect, confidence, curiosity, creativity, communication, exploration, collaboration and most of all, the simple fun in learning.

All of my projects and lessons focus on these essential elements as well as language development and working together with others. I strive to incorporate natural or recycled materials into the projects as often as possible to help teach children about the world around them, and to raise awareness about the environment we live in, and a positive way to interact with it.