About Aloe Vera

I’m Alexandra, the founder of Aloe Vera Art, and I currently work as a kindergarten teacher. I grew up on the beaches of Hawaii and California, and  received my degree from University of California Santa Cruz. In the multicultural communities I was raised in, I learned from an early age the importance of a life that incorporated the arts, and an appreciation and respect for nature. As an adult, I spend my free time making art, gardening, traveling and exploring the outdoors, and for the last five years I have been teaching art to children around the world.

Art is the communicator of all cultures and ages, and I have seen children speak to one another through art, as well as learn language through art.  I love to introduce children to new mediums and watch them learn and explore as they dive into the creative process. I believe in guiding children, but never showing them what to make. Children are true artists and have a million ideas waiting to escape their imaginations.

I am available for group workshops, private lessons, birthday parties or other lesson arrangements. Please contact me via email and we can find the best class for your child.

Email :: alexandraaloevera@gmail.com

Instagram :: aloeveraart